Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Once upon a time, Twitter was a place of light and love… and the home of a thriving community of flash fiction writers who shared their work under the #FridayFlash hashtag. There was the usual ebb and flow as budding writers joined in, and others moved on to longer-form fiction or found other things to do. Then, one day, #FridayFlash moved on to Facebook (and Google+). Twitter seemed to go downhill after that.

In these dark days, we all need a little escape from the daily grind. And so, let us revive the tradition of flash fiction on Twitter with #FlashFicFriday! Here's how it works: we'll publish a (non-binding) writing prompt on Monday. On Friday, we'll open the collector, and you can add a link to your flash fiction. Remember to tweet your link, using the #FlashFicFriday hashtag (optionally #FFF, use both if you have space). If you want to contribute a writing prompt, use the link in the sidebar.

If you're not familiar with how #FridayFlash used to work, it's pretty simple:

  1. Write a flash fiction story (1000 words or less, but it's OK if you run over a little)
  2. Post your story on your blog
  3. Add a link to your story to the collector
  4. Check out other stories, and leave a comment (most comments are complimentary, but constructive criticism is OK)

We're going to follow the same format for #FlashFicFriday, but I'd like to encourage participants to especially check out stories from new contributors. If you want to cross-post to #FridayFlash on Facebook or Google+, no problem! (Just be aware, there's another community on Twitter that uses the #FridayFlash hashtag, and it has nothing to do with flash fiction.)

#FlashFicFriday is a group effort, and you can be part of the group! The founders are:

  • Katherine Hajer (@eyrea)
  • Sylvia van Bruggen (@sylviavbruggen)
  • Larry Kollar (@FARfetched58)

Contribute flash to the collector. Contribute writing prompts. Together, we can bring some of the fun and magic back to Twitter. Let's do this.

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